Selling Retail Products in Studio

With Express Checkout, you can:

  • Process Transactions Quickly
  • Use an Existing Customer's Saved Payment Account
  • Print and Email Receipts

Process Transactions Quickly

  • Use a USB Card Swiper to read a person's credit card and process payment.
    • No need to enter the customer's personal info - Zen Planner reads the cardholder's information on the card.
    • Enter the expiration date and CVV Code to get a better transaction rate from your payment processor.
  • Quickly process anonymous transactions under the profile called "GUEST PERSON".
    • GUEST PERSON is a system-generated personal profile to process a quick, anonymous transaction.
    • GUEST PERSON is not counted in your monthly active student count.
  • If the GUEST order was paid by credit card, you can apply a refund to their credit card.
    • Customer must have a copy of the receipt to process the refund.
    • Use the confirmation code on the receipt to look up the transaction in your payment gateway.
    • Once you find the transaction, apply the credit back to the customer from your payment gateway.


Use an Existing Customer's Saved Payment Account

  • Type the customer's name or barcode ID in the Customer Lookup Bar to see if they are an existing customer. 
  • If they do exist in your database, highlight the appropriate person and you will have two options:
    1. Pay Now - Have a saved payment account? Use the saved account to pay the order now.
    2. Include in Scheduled Auto Pay - Have an automatic payment scheduled? Add this bill to the next scheduled payment date.


  • If they don't exist in your database -
    • Swipe the person's credit card and process their order.
    • You can add the person to the database (optional) and pay with any option you have available.
    • Quickly pay using an offline payment method, i.e. Cash, Check, etc. by establishing them as a Guest.
      • If payment amount is greater than the amount due, the Change Amount is displayed.

Printing and Email Receipts

    • Printing a Receipt
      • If you have a receipt printer set up, you can use the Print Receipt link to print a receipt.
      • We currently support printer model Star TSP100, and we suggest using the 3 1/8 paper rolls.
    • Emailing a Receipt
      • Activate the Pre-Set Automation: Payment Receipt (Setup > Communication > Automations)
      • Guests must be added to your database with an email address for the automation to work. 


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