Setting Up Staff: Creation & Management of Staff Profiles

Key Points

  • Only staff with the Staff Account Manager or Database Owner privileges activated in their staff profile can create and manage staff profiles in your database.
  • The locked Database Owner profile cannot be edited or deleted.  Contact Zen Planner tech support for help with this profile.

Every staff member should have their own unique staff profile and studio database login information (email address and password combination) that is not shared with anyone else. This allows you to maintain the security of the information in your database and you can tailor access to specific features for each staff member.  It also lets you track activities that occur in your database to specific staff profiles.  This can be helpful when there are issues involving financial transactions or other member related questions.

Adding a New Person to Your Database as a Staff Member

1. Go to Setup > Staff > Staff Members.

2. Click on Add a Staff Member


3. On the Staff Member Profile tab, enter the instructor's first name, last name and a valid email address.

4. Check the Instructor? box to indicate if this person teaches classes or takes appointments.

5. Check the Login? box to provide this person with access to your database.

6. Use the Staff Roles and Setup Roles tabs to provide access to different parts of the system. Staff Roles provide basic access to the features listed, while Setup Roles provide access to the Setup menu that controls that feature.

Click here to learn more about Staff Roles and Setup Roles.

7. Click on Save Staff Member when finished. If you have checked the Login? box, an email will be sent to the staff member with their username and password to access your Zen Planner database from

Create a Staff Profile for an Existing Member Profile

1. If you want to take a person who is already in your database and make them a staff member, just open up the popup box described above and type enter the person's first name and last name, the click on Save Staff Member.  Zen Planner will check if this person already exists in your database, then display this prompt:


2. Click OK and Zen Planner will add this person to your list of Staff Members. You can then click on their name and edit their login privileges.

Remove Staff Members

1. To remove a staff member, go to Setup > Staff > Staff Members.

2. Click on the name of the person that you want to remove from the staff roster and click on the X Remove Staff Profile link in the bottom right hand corner of the popup menu.  The system will display this prompt:


3. Click OK and this person will no longer appear as an instructor or have access to log into the database. Be aware that by deleting a staff member, their previous records will also be removed. If you simply want to remove login access, you can uncheck the Login? box > Save Changes.

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