Setting Up Staff: Overview

Key Points

  • Give instructors and support staff access to work in the studio database.
  • Tailor privileges and access to fit the roles of each individual staff member.
  • Only studio database owners can create & manage staff profiles.
  • Go to Setup> Staff> Staff Members to manage staff profiles.


A staff member is any person in your database who teaches or works at your school.  If you are a studio database owner, you can grant staff members controlled access to your Zen Planner database to help them perform assigned duties and to track accountability in the system.  

Every staff member should have their own unique studio database login information (email address and password combination) that is not shared with anyone else. This allows you to maintain the security of the information in your database and you can tailor access to specific features for each staff member.  It also lets you track activities that occur in your database to specific staff profiles.  This can be helpful when there are issues involving financial transactions or other member related questions.

Adding a Staff Member

There are two ways to create a staff profile in Zen Planner: creating a profile for a brand new person in the database or adding a staff profile to an existing member.  If your staff member doesn't have an existing profile, you will enter them through the +Add a person wizard before creating a staff profile for them.  If the staff member already has a member profile, you will go directly to  Setup> Staff> Staff Members and use the +Add a Staff Member link to create their staff profile.

Displaying Staff as Instructor

You can choose to list a staff member as the primary instructor or assistant instructor for any classes or appointments.  Once a person is listed as an instructor you can use automations to assign tasks or send messages to any staff member automatically. You can also enter and post the staff member's availability to the appointment scheduler.  Zen Planner will automatically recognize when a staff member has a scheduling conflict and will prevent people from double-booking them.

Setting up Staff Roles & Privileges

You can choose to provide the staff member with access to your Zen Planner database and limit their access to specific areas or activities.  Access is based on two different roles: Staff Roles and Setup Roles.  

  • Staff Roles provide a staff member with basic access to your Zen Planner database and allows them to perform typical front desk &/or instructor activities (selling memberships, checking people into class, completing retail transactions, etc).
  • Setup Roles provide staff members with access to items in the Setup menu of the database.  These roles can give a person the ability to edit, manage and delete database settings and run system-wide financial reports. Setup Roles should be reserved for business partners or managers and assigned only as required.

Providing Staff Access to Zen Planner

An email with the staff member's login information will be sent automatically when you save their staff record with the Login? box checked.

Note:  The staff member's username and password will be the same for both the studio database and the member connect site.  

The only change will be that they have to login to the studio to access staff functions.  They will continue to login to the member connect site to manage their student activities. 

Staff Reports & Payroll

You can run reports in Zen Planner to report on staff members and their classes.  These reports can help you keep track of the average attendance per class for each instructor, which may be helpful in identifying classes with low attendance.  The staff filter in the left hand sidebar of the studio calendar can help you view all the classes and appointments by assigned staff member.  The public calendar on your member connect site lets members select classes or appointments for their favorite instructor using the staff filter.

An extension of this reporting is the staff payroll function in the studio database.  This gives you the ability to track time worked as well as commissions earned. The system allows you the flexibility to set up different pay rates and criteria for each staff member.  Click here for to learn more about setting up staff payroll.


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