Edit Staff Schedules

The staff schedule is used to determine when a staff person is available for appointments. You can display a staff person's schedule on the online appointment scheduler if you would like people to be able to choose an appointment based on a particular staff person.

1. To edit the schedule, go to Setup > Staff > Staff Members and then click on the Edit Schedule button next to the staff member's name. This will open the Appointment Availability window, where you can control the rates for this instructor when someone books this appointment type. If the appointment is free, enter "$0" as the price.

2. If the staff member is already booked for a class, appointment or any other calendar event, the appointment scheduler will automatically prevent customers from choosing this staff member.

3. Use up to 4 schedule tabs to enter the staff member's availability. The schedule setting fields allow you to customize the schedule to a specific date range and location. Staff member availability can be viewed from the member website only. If you are logged into the the studio website, you can book a staff member for any time available on the calendar.

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