Set Up a Prospect Registration Form

Zen Planner lets you create a separate prospect registration form for each of the programs listed under Setup > Programs. You can embed each of these prospect registration forms into another website, such as your company website. Or you can link users from your company website to the Request Info page on your member connect site.

When a person completes a prospect registration form, the information is immediately entered into your Zen Planner database where it can be used to trigger an automated alert for your staff or an email to your new prospect. To activate this form, make sure to check the "Add a prospect form..." box on the Form Fields tab.

Go to Setup > Member Connect > Registration Options > Prospects. To create a prospect registration form for the Group Training program, click on its name in the list.


The Prospect Registration Setup Form contains several sections:

Form Fields

This tab contains a list of all the fields you can add to your prospect registration form. You can add up to 10 custom People fields to your form.


Tracking Codes

This tab lets you automatically assign anyone who completes this form to a specific tracking code or field in your database. 

Source - "How Did You Hear About Us?" on the customer facing form.

Interest - "I'm Interested In..." on the customer facing form.

Note:  If you check the multiple box for either Source or Interest, the user will be able to select from a list of all the sources or interests that you select here.


Priority and Prospect Status - customize the items in these fields under Setup > Database Tools > Lookup Codes.

Sales Staff - lists all staff under Setup > Staff > Staff Members.

Primary Instructor - lists all staff who have the Instructor? field checked under Setup > Staff > Staff Members.

Groups - managed under Setup > Database Tools > Groups. Very useful for linking Prospects to your MailChimp mailing lists.


This tab lets you create a custom message at the top of your Prospect Registration Form.


This tab lets you set what the system presents immediately after the form has been submitted.  You can either create a custom message that is displayed or enter the URL for a page for the person to be redirected to immediately after they submit the form (for example, your company's home page or your Facebook page).


This tab allows you to indicate whether you want prospects to receive a welcome email with login credentials upon submission. The custom email content is not currently supported but will still send the preset welcome email with login credentials.


On this tab, you will find a pre-made iframe that you can use to embed your request info form on your company website, Facebook page or any other website that supports embedding iframes.

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