Organizing Prospects and Sales

A prospect is any person who has not yet participated in any of your programs at the studio and is potentially interested in your offerings. Zen Planner helps you collect and manage information about prospects as they move closer to becoming regularly paying customers.  

The Prospect Sales Process

You can use Zen Planner to create a sales process and follow up with your prospects. The purpose of the sales process is to encourage the free trial prospect to sign up for one of your membership options and become a member. Zen Planner provides you with several features for managing your sales process:

Member Website - Your member website includes customizable online registration forms for free classes, events, and retail orders. You can embed these forms into your own website for a seamless, branded customer experience. Many automations can also be triggered off based on the fields you automatically assign to a person when you complete these registration forms.

Dashboard - You can use the existing marketing dashboard reports or create your own reports to monitor your sales team, create call lists and evaluate your monthly sales goals. These reports can be exported at anytime for more advanced reporting in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel

Document Templates / Automations - You can customize our default document templates or create your own templates for sending email to your prospects. The automation system can be used to create schedule and trigger sending out emails to prospects based on their attendance in free classes, events or the purchase of products. You can also sync your prospects automatically with your MailChimp account and create more sophisticated email marketing campaigns through MailChimp.

How Free Class / Free Trial Attendees Become Prospects

Anyone who signs up for a free class or a free trial can be automatically added to Zen Planner as a prospect. Participation in the free class indicates interest in that class or other similar classes within that program. 

How Event Participants Become Prospects 

Anyone who attends an event you offer at the studio and is not a current member is a prospect. Many studios offer community events or fundraising events to encourage new people to visit the studio and learn about the facilities and other programs you offer. It's a good way to give back to your community and encourage your current members to invite friends to your studio.

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