How to Add a Captcha Code Field to your Request Info Forms

In order to prevent spam from being submitted through your request info forms, you should add a Captcha code field your active prospect forms.  This article will walk you through how to do this.


Activating a Captcha Code Field

Go to Setup> Database Tools> Custom Fields, then click on Add a Custom Field.  In the popup menu, use the settings in the screenshot below.



Save the new custom field to make it available to add to your request info forms.


Adding the Captcha Code to your Request Info Form

Go to Setup> Member Connect> Registration Options and click on the program request info form that you need to update.  In the popup menu, select the new Captcha field by checkmarking next to it.  Save Changes to update the form.



View your Updated Form

You can view your updated form by going to your member connect site and clicking on the Request Info link in the sidebar menu.  If you aren't sure what the URL is for your member connect site, go to Setup> Member Connect> Appearance and you will find it at the top of the page next to Location.


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