Setting up Discounts & Surcharges

Zen Planner gives you an easy way to apply discounts & surcharges on either a one-off basis or on regularly recurring transactions.  To help you get started, your database comes with some basic discounts already loaded.  Go to  Setup>Financial>Discounts & Surcharges to check these out and to add & create your own.  Here is a basic overview of discounts & surcharges to get you started.

Creating Discounts

Discounts can be used to lower the installment amount of a membership and also to lower the unit price of a specific bill.  You can choose to keep discounts under staff control (only available through the studio side), or you can also set up online discount codes that you can share with a specific group of members or the general public for use when they make a purchase through member connect.

Discounts are most commonly used to apply couple, family, military/fire/police, teacher and full time student discounts but you can edit these, or add in as many of your own discounts, as needed.  


Let's take a closer look at the Military/Fire/Police Unlimited discount code.  
You can customize the name and define how the discount will behave (fixed amount vs. a percentage).

If the Active checkbox is selected, more options will appear below (the Staff box will automatically be checked when ACTIVE is selected)

  • Staff (Studio) 
  • Online (Member Connect) this is only an option for discounts 

Each option can be turned on or off by checking the box for increased customization.

The Staff field determines whether this discount/surcharge can be used throughout the Studio site. 

When you click on the Online checkbox, you will be able to setup the discount for online use through Member Connect.  In this example we have created the discount code "FIRSTRESPONDER" to be used for Member Connect transactions.  We have limited it so it can only be applied to Twice a Week memberships, but you can check the multiple box to choose more membership options or even add retail items to the mix.  The valid dates can be defined so that the code will only work for a specific time period.


Creating Surcharges

Surcharges can be used to collect additional charges like locker fees, equipment rentals or fees assessed for not setting up an automatic payment account.  Just like discounts, surcharges can be used on both memberships and on individual bills.  To add a surcharge, click on the +Add a Surcharge link at the top of the Discounts & Surcharges page.  Your database doesn't come with any preloaded surcharges, but below is an example of some common surcharges.


Let's take a closer look at the Autopay OFF surcharge.
You can customize the name and define how the surcharge will behave (fixed amount vs. a percentage).

If you apply the surcharge to a membership, the surcharge will apply every time the membership renews.  If you apply the surcharge to a bill, it will only add the additional charge to that specific bill.

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