How to Choose & Add a Credit Card Swiper

A magnetic stripe reader comes in handy when you will be frequently entering credit cards without storing that information in your database, like processing a high volume of retail transactions for non-members.  Instead of manually typing the credit card number into Zen Planner, you can use the magnetic stripe reader to enter the card number automatically.

Note: Using the swiper will not submit the transaction, it will only enter the data into Zen Planner. You will still need to use the Make a Payment page to submit the transaction for processing.

We recommend a basic magnetic stripe reader (the better models are about $50-75 on similar to the Magtek 21040145. If you choose another model, it needs possess these features:

  • a USB connection that plugs into your computer
  • reads Track 1, 2, and 3 information

Setting up Magtek Readers on a PC

On a PC, usb Magtek card readers are plug & play.  This means that when you plug the card swiper into your PC's usb port, the system will automatically recognize & configure it.  You will be able to begin using it right away without doing anything else.  If your card swiper isn't working as expected, click here to go to the troubleshooting article.

Setting Up Magtek Readers on a Mac

First, plug your Magtek reader into your Mac, then click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences > Keyboard.


Next, click on the Change Keyboard Type button, then press Continue to identify your keyboard.


On the Identify You Keyboard window, press "Z" on your keyboard. A popup saying that your keyboard cannot be identified will appear - click on the "Skip" button to select the keyboard.


Select the "ANSI (United States and others)" keyboard type and then press the "Done" button.


If your card swiper isn't working as expected after the setup process, click here to go to the troubleshooting article.


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