Release Announcement - March 13, 2015

Check out this week's release notes!

We squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.  


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where the when running a "People" report, the last attendance date field was not populating correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where people were able to signup up as a drop in for events and classes that had already passed.
  • Fixed the issue where on member connect when signing up for a membership that includes a signup fee, the signup fee and membership fee were combined and presented as a single fee.
  • Fixed the issue where when selecting items at the bottom of the page of an iframe, the next page would stay scrolled to the bottom and sometimes appear blank.
  • Fixed the issue where a staff member couldn't pay for a membership when checking a new member into class.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't see the text color when typing in a name from the non premium workout training Faceboard.
  • Fixed the issue where workouts with a specific publish date were able to be viewed on the Daily Leaderboard prior to the publication date.
  • Fixed the issue where when manually adding an attendee to an existing appointment, applicable taxes were not being added to the drop in bill.
  • Fixed the issue where when a staff member had a defined end date for their appointment availability, an appointment could not be booked through member connect on the last date of that availability.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Record Today's Workout" link was showing on mobile member connect when premium workout tracking was not active.
  • Fixed the issue where the program field was not required when creating an appointment type which could cause people attending appointments as drop in's to not show as prospects.


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