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Zen Planner allows you to setup and schedule events. While setting up your event, you can choose to make it available to just your members or to the general public. You can also setup different pricing levels based on whether someone is a member or not or more specifically, based on what type of membership they have. 


1.To set up an event in your database, go to Calendar> Add to Calendar> + Event. 


2. Input event details. Please scroll down for a description of each tab!


Overview:  This setup is very similar to the class setup screen. In overview you setup the date, time, place, who is teaching, color for the calendar all the specifics on the calendar. If you event is being held over more than one day you will want to select the multi-day link under the "calendar info section". 

Description: This will show up on the member connect site when a student clicks into the event for more information. Any details you want your students to know about the event will go in this section. 

Pricing: My favorite thing about events is the customizable pricing options it allows. You can set up different prices for public, or program or membership. 

Online: Allows you to put the event on your member connect signup page as well as limit the registration and notify staff members of signups. 

Custom: You can add in custom fields in the event registration for students to fill out or within the event here. 


Example of Pricing Options: 


3. Please pay attention to the BILL DUE DATE as you are setting up your event. In order to require payment upon sign up leave the bill due date as the day you are setting up the event and NOT the day of the event. If you would like to delay payment until the day of the event, use the event date as the bill due date.




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