Zen Planner's New SPA Framework

In our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with our best possible product, we are continually investing in our platform to improve performance, stability, and speed to develop new features.  To support this effort, we have updated the Studio web application to leverage a SPA (single page application) framework (for more information on SPA development, please click here).  In our first phase, we have implemented our responsive navigation in this new framework.  While you won’t yet see functionality changes (that will come later this year), you may see performance improvements depending on the speed of your connection and geographical location.   

While using the SPA framework version of Zen Planner, the system should operate exactly the same as you're used to. Please let us know if you see any differences, pages that do not look the same or functionality that has changed.

Please send any feedback to and in the subject line include: SPA.




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