Release Announcement - April 10, 2015

Check out this week's release notes!

We added some awesome improvements and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.  


Awesome Improvements

  • We added support for the following countries:
    • Brunei
    • Costa Rica
    • Dominican Republic
    • Nigeria


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the intermittent issue where when attempting to register for a class or appointment on the member connect site, some members would receive a system error screen.
  • Fixed the issue where when saving a workout result that included a decimal, the system would add extra digits.
  • Fixed the issue where the report filter would break when attempting to filter a report by a custom field formatted as yes/no.
  • Fixed the issue where you would receive an error when creating a custom membership with enrolled in more than one program.
  • Fixed the issue where a PDF document that was added as an attachment to a custom page could not be downloaded.
  • Fixed the issue where customers in Switzerland couldn't view bill or payment amount totals in the summary section of a financial report.



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