{QUICK TIP} How to Schedule an OnBoarding Appointment

Please follow the below instructions to schedule an OnBoarding Appointment

1) Click on Setup

2) In the Setup Start Page, click on the underlined text "View this week's OnBoarding Calendar"

  • Clicking this link will bring you out to a new website.

3) Click on Make Appointment

4) In the upper left hand corner of the screen, click the right arrow until you see dark blue boxes with times in them. 

  • These dark blue boxes are available time slots.

5) Click into the desired time slot.

6) Add any Notes you would like your OnBoarding coach to see. Notes can include which phone number you would like to be reach at, if you will have extra staff with you for the session or some particular areas you want to cover, like Memberships or Automations.

7) Click the Reserve Appointment button.

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