Embedding Your Zen Planner Content on Your Facebook Page

In order to embed Zen Planner on your Facebook page, please follow the directions below or watch this step-by-step {VIDEO}

1. Install the WooBox app to your Facebook business page

  • Log into Facebook in one tab of your browser
  • Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Woobox
  • In the upper right hand corner of the Woobox homepage, click 'Sign up'
  • In the middle of your screen you should see that Woobox has selected your main Facebook page; you will need to install Woobox to this page in order to access it on your business page.

2. Creating a new Facebook tab: 

  • At the top of the new screen, click "Static Tabs" link
  • On the left hand side, click "HTML Fan Gate Tabs"
  • To add a new tab, click “Create A New Tab” in the top right corner, then select “HTML Fangate Tab” in the drop down


  • Follow the directions in the image below to add your Zen Planner content to this tab
  • You will be using iframes from your database to embed your content, Setup>Member Connect>Sharing & Embedding



3. Reorganize the tabs on your Facebook page:

  • If you want to reorganize the tabs in your Facebook:
    • Log into Facebook
    • View your business Facebook page
    • Click "More" and choose "Manage Tabs"
    • Drag & drop the tabs



You can also remove tabs if needed:

  • If you need to remove tabs:
    • Log Into Facebook
    • View your business Facebook page
    • Click “More” and choose “Manage Tabs”
    • Click “Add or Remove Tabs”
    • Click the “X” next to the tab you want to remove
      • With “Woobox” the tabs will all look the same. However, they display in the same order that you have organized them in. So if you have 5 tabs and you want to remove the “Free Trial” form that you have embedded and the items are in the below order of:
        • Class Calendar
        • Memberships
        • Free Trials
        • Request More Info
        • Login

Then you will click the “X” next to the 3rd down spotlight icon to remove it.

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