Using Woobox to Embed Content on Facebook


NOTE: Facebook recently changed their policy regarding custom tab embeds. They now require your page to have 2000 likes in order for the content to display!

In order to embed Zen Planner on your Facebook page, please follow the directions below or watch this step-by-step {VIDEO}

1. Install the Woobox app to your Facebook business page

  • Log into Facebook in one tab of your browser
  • Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Woobox
  • In the upper right hand corner of the Woobox homepage, click 'Sign up'
  • In the middle of your screen you should see that Woobox has selected your main Facebook page; you will need to install Woobox to this page in order to access it on your business page.

2. Creating a new Facebook tab: 

  • At the top of the new screen, click "Static Tabs" link
  • On the left hand side, click "HTML Fan Gate Tabs"
  • To add a new tab, click “Create A New Tab” in the top right corner, then select “HTML Fangate Tab” in the drop down


  • Follow the directions in the image below to add your Zen Planner content to this tab
  • You will be using iframes from your database to embed your content, Setup>Member Connect>Sharing & Embedding



3. Reorganize the tabs on your Facebook page:

  • If you want to reorganize the tabs in your Facebook:
    • Log into Facebook
    • View your business Facebook page
    • Click "More" and choose "Manage Tabs"
    • Drag & drop the tabs



You can also remove tabs if needed:

  • If you need to remove tabs:
    • Log Into Facebook
    • View your business Facebook page
    • Click “More” and choose “Manage Tabs”
    • Click “Add or Remove Tabs”
    • Click the “X” next to the tab you want to remove
      • With “Woobox” the tabs will all look the same. However, they display in the same order that you have organized them in. So if you have 5 tabs and you want to remove the “Free Trial” form that you have embedded and the items are in the below order of:
        • Class Calendar
        • Memberships
        • Free Trials
        • Request More Info
        • Login

Then you will click the “X” next to the 3rd down spotlight icon to remove it.

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