Release Announcement - March 27, 2015

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We squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.  


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where when recording a result for a past Daily Workout through Member Connect, the Workout Date field would default to the date the result was being recorded and couldn't be changed to the date the workout was completed.
  • Fixed the issue where in premium workout tracking, when creating a new skill from the workout programming page, the Publish Schedule function would change from PM to AM.
  • Fixed the issue where when running a people report using the map format to present results, member addresses were not presenting accurately.
  • Fixed the issue where when batch adding people to multiple groups from a People (show programs) report, a duplicate group would be created for each member included in the batch.
  • Fixed the intermittent issue where when attempting to enter results from Faceboard with a mobile device, the page would reload before you were able to enter results.
  • Fixed the issue where selecting to not publish an active workout it was still viewable on member connect. 
  • Fixed the issue where staff members with the privileges of calendar coordinator and programs where unable to access the multiple schedules button when creating a class.
  • Fixed the issue where on the Progress and Results calendar view page the complete attendance records for a member were not showing.
  • Fixed the issue where when recording a skill result in centimeters, the system would display the result using 'm' instead of 'cm'.
  • Fixed the issue where when programming a workout, you couldn't delete an individual skill from a workout without deleting the entire section.
  • Fixed the issue where in premium workout tracking, when adding a second workout on a single day, you would be unable to add sections to that second workout without having it freeze.
  • Fixed the issue where when viewing the leaderboard in an embedded iframe, the view category and skill drop down menus were not present when prompted to make a selection.
  • Fixed the issue where when the workout tracking privilege to allow members to view and edit results for assigned workouts was selected, members were unable to log results through member connect.
  • Fixed the issue where on Faceboard, when a member has recorded two or more results for a specific skill, the progress chart wasn't appearing after clicking on their profile photo.




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