How to Change an Individual Bill vs. All Bills in a Membership

To adjust individual bills for a client: 

To adjust bills for a customer you will start in the customer's profile page under Financial. Select "view all bills" to display all the bills associated with that customer. 


To edit the price, billing date, add or remove discounts, etc, you will click into the bill you would like to edit. Here you can make your changes and "Save Changes". This will only make changes to this individual bill. 

Changing ALL bills in a particular membership:

To make changes to multiple bills in a membership such as pricing changes, you will go to the customer's profile page and then click into the membership you would like to edit. You will see all of the bills associated with this membership.  Click on the pencil to the far right of Billing to start editing. 


You should see Billing Summary and Membership Info as two options to select from. Membership info will display the terms of the membership including the duration and class limits. The Membership Info and Billing Summary operate independently from each other. Changing the Begin Date in the Membership Info will NOT change any dates in the Billing Summary.  

Click on "edit" next to Billing Summary.

In the Billing Summary, you can choose to make changes to ALL bills in the membership or to bills beyond a specific date (look to the bottom of the pop up box to set this criteria).  Additionally, if the membership is on auto-renewal these terms will carry over with the renewal. From this screen you can determine the billing due date, frequency, amount, if they have discounts or are prorated. 

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