Logging in and Reserving on Member Connect

Logging In:

To login to your Member Connect profile you will go to either the business’s website if they have it embedded or to the URL they have setup. If you do not know where they would prefer you to go, the facility should be able to tell you.


If have an active membership, you should have received a temporary password to allow you to login. The username is the email listed in the system so if you do not know your password you can select the “forgot password” button to have it sent to the email listed in the system with your facility.

If this is your first time logging in or if you were using a temporary password to login the screen will display an “expired password” screen. Here you can set the password to what you would like it to be as long as it’s within the limits listed.


Once you login the page will default on your Profile page. Here, any active memberships will be displayed.


Reserving Classes: 

To register for a class you will go to Calendar and click into the class you want to reserve. If you have a membership that can be applied towards this class the blue “reserve” button will appear on the right side of the page. Clicking this button will add you into the class with your membership.


If you do not have a membership that is eligible for this class, the membership and drop-in options will display. You can select the option you would like and complete the process.


If you want to see the classes you are registered for you can view this on the calendar or on your profile page. Classes you are reserved for will display with a star on the class. Or if you go to your profile page, under reservations to see them all displayed in list view.



Waivers and Contracts: 

If you have any membership contracts or waivers to sign they will display in two places depending on your facilities settings. Either there will be a banner with a red “Sign Now” button or it will be listed on your profile page where you can click the link to view and sign the document.




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