Setting Up and Managing "Measures" in Advanced Workout Tracking

What are Measures (or Skills)?

When you build a Workout for your members, you’ll want certain components of the Workout to be measured. Anything within a Workout that needs to be measured (results for that thing are recorded) is a “Measure” (note that you can change "Measures" to be called "Skills" in settings.)

Here are some examples of different types of Measures:

  • 1 Mile Run (Measured in “Time” with units: Minutes and Seconds)
  •  Deadlift (Measure in “Weight” with units: Pounds)
  • 5 Rounds of: 10 Pushups, 20 Squats, 5 Pullups (Measured in "Time" with units: Minutes and Seconds)
  • Max Box Jump (Measured in "Distance" with units: Inches)

To create your own Measures, go to: Workouts Icon > Skills > Create a Measure.


Building your Library

To help you get started quickly, we’ve created a library of “Pre-Made” Measures for you to choose from!

  • To pick Measures you want to use in your Workouts, go to: Workouts Icon > Skills > Choose from Pre-Made.
  • Here, you can filter the list of Pre-Made Measures by selecting a Category at the top right corner of the page.
  • You’ll also see if a Measure has already been copied to your Database, so you can avoid duplicates, by checking the “Copied?” column.
  • Simply check boxes next to the Measures you want to see in your database, and click “Copy to my Library” at the bottom of the page.



Organizing your Measures

When your clients access the Progress and Results page on Member Connect, they will see Categories – each with a list of Measures that you have deemed “Benchmarks” (for more about Workout Tracking on Member Connect, Click Here).

As the business owner, you control which Categories will appear to your Members, and which Skills are Benchmarks. Here’s how:

  • Click on a Measure to change its Category, and choose whether it is a Benchmark.


  • To do this for multiple Measures at once, we can use the “Batch” function. On the Measures (or "Skills") page, check boxes next to the Measures you want to update, then select Batch Update. You are able to batch update Category, Benchmark, and Delete.



NOTE: Be careful not to delete Measures that have Results logged for them, as the Results will be deleted as well!


Other Tools for Managing Measures

Manage your Categories here: Setup > Database Tools > Lookup Codes > Measure Category

  • Here, you can edit Category Names, add new Categories, change the order that Categories appear, and delete Categories
  • Note that Measure Categories can only be deleted if there are no Measures assigned to that Category.


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