Signing Up for a Membership on the Kiosk App as a New Member

Signing Up for a Membership on the Kiosk App (As a New Member)

From the Home Page, click on "Sign Up."


Choose "Select Membership."

Then choose which membership you are signing up for by clicking "Select" on the right.


On the next page you will fill out your contact information and click "Continue" on the top right.


The camera on the iPad will automatically turn on so that a picture can be saved to your profile!

Click "Take Photo" and then click either click "Retake Photo" or "Continue" on the top right.

If there is a participant waiver active, you will then be asked to read and agree to the terms with a signature. Once you have typed your name and signed in the "Sign Here" box, click "Continue" on the top right.


If you are singing up another member in your family (for the same membership or a different service), click on "Add Another Participant."  Otherwise, click "Continue."


Here you will create a user account for your facility. Your username is your email address and you can choose your password on this page. You will use this password to make purchases on the Kiosk App, as well as access the content on your facility's Member Connect site.


Next, you can either swipe your credit card on this page (to use a swiper with the iPad app, the facility must be integrated with Zen Planner's preferred partner. Please contact Zen Planner support for details) or you can manually enter in your credit card information.


You will be asked to sign for the payment/contract on the next page. Once you have typed in your name and signed, click "Continue."

If the payment is successful,  you will receive confirmation that you are all set!


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