Kiosk iPad App Quick Start Guide

It's here - Zen Planner's new Kiosk iPad App! Now what?  This guide will get you up and running quickly!  Feel free to check out this video tutorial as well for an intro to the functionality of the app. 

While all of the steps below are recommended, you can log into the kiosk app with your current staff credentials and get started right away, allowing people to check into class and sign up for free trial classes or events!

If you are running an app to play music on your iPad, after launching the kiosk, you will need to restart the music.  After the app is launched, swipe up on your iPad to reveal the quick menu. Click on the play button!

Step 1 - Waivers 

We highly recommend you read our help content on signature documents in it's entirety before using this functionality. Find the article here, or watch the video here.

  • Click on Setup > Signatures (in the Registration section)
  • Any Digital Signature Documents currently in-use will appear here and will default to "Active" and will either be a "Membership" or "Event" document
  • In order for new documents to appear on the iPad app, click the Active? checkboxes and Save Changes
  • Please note: While activating Universal Documents, you will be asked to choose WHO the document will be applied to - only new members, current prospects, current members, current alumni, or a combination of the above


  • If you choose to apply the document to current members or prospects, they will need to sign the document prior to checking into or reserving a class!  Membership & Event Documents will be applied to people signing up for that service
  • If you choose to deactivate the documents, you can uncheck the Active? box and Save Changes 
  • Please note: Deactivating the documents will pull any unsigned documents from people's profile!
  • You will be able to batch update documents once they are added. This will allow to you mark documents as signed or delete documents if not needed. Please click here for details


Step 2 - Add Memberships to the App

  • Click on Setup > Membership Options 
  • Click into a pre-existing Membership Option OR Add a Membership Option that you want to display on your Kiosk iPad App
  • Scroll down to the Triggers section (bottom of the page)
  • Check off the box - Show on Kiosk? and Save Changes



Step 4 - Add Retail to the App

  • To add products to the kiosk app click on Retail > Product Catalog >  click into the product you want on the kiosk app, then check the box next to 'Show on Kiosk?'.


Step 3 - Customize your Kiosk

  • You can customize the accent color on your Kiosk App by clicking on Setup > Attendance > Clicking on the paint can next to Background Color > Choosing a color > Save Changes - Please do NOT set the background color to white! This will make it difficult to see lettering on the App!
  • To see how to control your Kiosk iPad App's functionality, please click here!



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