Using Zen Planner's Waivers/Contracts

This article will walk you through how to use our  waiver and contract functionality (referred to as signature documents in this article). We highly recommend reading through the entire article (or watch the video) before creating new signature documents!  The current signature document functionality was built to be used in conjunction with the Kiosk iPad App, however, if activated, they will affect your current database - even if you are not using the app!

Section 1: Terms & Explanations

First let's go over the types of documents you can create and use:  Universal, Membership, and Event

Universal Documents:  Once activated, will apply to EVERYONE who signs up for a service at your facility. This includes free trials, drop ins, events, memberships, etc. Think of this as your general waiver!

Membership Documents: 

WILL apply to:

  1. All NEW students signing up for a membership
  2. All students who have a not started membership
  3. All students that have a membership that was generated from a renewal that contains different settings than their first membership (ex. a one month limited membership rolling into a year long unlimited membership)

Will NOT apply to: 

  1. People with completed memberships or membership added before the document was activated
  2. Students with a current membership generated by a renewal (if same settings as previous membership)
  3. People with a not started memberships generated from a copy (current settings) renewal

Event Documents: Will apply to people who sign up for an event in the future and people who are currently signed up for an event in the future


Section 2: Using Signature Documents

Locating your in-use Signature Documents

  • Click on Setup > Signatures


Adding a Signature Document

  • To add a Signature Document, click on Setup > Signatures
  • Choose which TYPE of document you would like to add by clicking the drop down:


  • Click Add>>
  • Here you can name your signature document and edit the content the same way you would in Document Templates
  • New documents will default to Active! Please uncheck this box if you do not want the signature document to be active upon saving!


  • After clicking Save Changes, you will see your new document in the Signatures section

Activating Signature Documents

  • Once you are ready to deploy your new signature documents, click on Setup > Signatures > check the box next to the document(s) you would like to make active > Save Changes
  • Please Note: While activating a Universal document, you will be asked to choose WHO the document will apply to: only new people, existing prospects, existing students, existing alumni or a combination of the above



  • By applying documents to existing students, prospects or alumni, you will be creating a blocking alert and they will not be allowed to sign up for or check into a class without first signing the document!
  • After saving changes, you will be able to see who the document was applied to in the right hand column


Deactivating Signature Documents

  • You may choose to deactivate your signature documents at any point
  • Click on Setup > Signatures > Uncheck the boxes to the left of the document(s) you want to deactivate > Save Changes
  • If your document is currently updating, you will need to wait until this process is finished before deactivating the document
  • Please Note: Deactivating documents will remove any UNSIGNED documents from people's profiles!


Section 3: Using the Signature Documents Report

The Signature Documents Report will allow you to view all documents in your database, as well as batch update the status of documents.

Viewing the Signature Documents Report

  • Click into Power Search > Click New Report from the drop down > Choose Signature Documents
  • You will see ALL documents in your database and their status: Signature Required, Signed or Signed Offline



Batch Updating Signature Documents

The ability to batch update documents is essential in a few scenarios:

  1. Someone signed a paper waiver/contract and you want to record this in Zen Planner and remove the alert from their profile
  2. Someone signed a waiver/contract in another system and you want to record this in Zen Planner and remove the alert from their profile

To use the batch update tool:

  • Click into Power Search > Click New Report from the drop down > Choose Signature Documents
  • Use the criteria to pull up only the reports you would like to update (for example, "Document Status" "Is" "Signature Required)
  • Either check the boxes to the left of the record you want to change OR click the + to select all
  • Click Batch Update
  • Click the drop down next to Signed Offline? and choose Yes or No
  • Save Changes
  • If you are batch updating to NO, only documents that were originally signed offline will be changed 

Please Note: Choosing DELETE CHECKED DOCUMENTS in the batch update window will permanently delete documents (signed & unsigned) and they can not be recovered!

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