Using Settings on the Kiosk App / Setting Up the Kiosk App

Setting Up the Kiosk App (Using the Settings Page)

Upon logging into the Kiosk App, you will be able to choose what functionality you are providing on the kiosk.

From the Home Page, click "Settings." 




Here you can choose to place the Kiosk in the following modes:

Full Kiosk - Allows check-in & registration for customers & prospects

Member Kiosk - Allows check-in and retail purchases for members only

Check In Kiosk - Allows check-in for members or people who have pre-registered for a class

Retail Store - Allows purchasing of retail items that you have chosen to show on the kiosk


You may also choose to allow Bar Code scanning from the kiosk.

While choosing to use Bar Code scanning on the kiosk app, you may choose to use either the front or back camera.  On some models of the iPad (2, Air 2), we recommend using the back facing camera to capture the barcodes as they are scanned.


After you have chosen the mode you wish to operate the Kiosk in, press the "Back" arrow in the top left to return to the Home Page.


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