Current Member or Pre-Registered Check-In on the Kiosk App

Current Member or Pre-Registered Person Check-In on the Kiosk App

From the Home Page, if you are a current member or have pre-registered for a class, type your name into the "Find Me" search bar.



If there are no alerts on your profile, you will be taken to the class selection page (please see below for information regarding alerts).

On this page, you will be able to choose which class you are checking into. If you have made a reservation, the Kiosk App will indicate the reservation with a star and a pulse.

After clicking on the class, you will receive a confirmation of successful check-in! In in the event you checked into the wrong class, there will also be an option to undo the check-in.





In the case that you have an alert that blocks attendance, you will see the screen below and will not be allowed to proceed until the alert is removed from your profile (by a staff member).


If you have an alert that is not attendance blocking, you will see the alert and can "continue" to check-in.





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