Release Announcement - August 7th, 2015

Check out this week's (and last week's) release notes!

We squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students and added in some beta features in preparation of our kiosk iPad app launch!

Beta Features

  • We released a few new features to your database to prepare for the release of the kiosk iPad app! Click here for information on the beta features and here for information on the new waiver/contract functionality.


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where the system would not allow a staff member to advance a student to the next belt rank if there was a $0 test fee.
  • Fixed the issue where a previously activated Facebook Badge could not be removed from the Member Connect website sidebar.
  • Fixed the issue where Zen Planner customers in Brazil could not view the totals in the Summary Info area of a financial report.
  • Fixed the issue where when printing a template with the primary address tag, it was not pulling any information and appearing blank.
  • Fixed the issue where a staff member was not able to delete a location in studio that was no longer in use without receiving a system error.
  • Fixed the issue where staff members were incorrectly shown as being available to be booked for an appointment even though they were already assigned as an assistant staff member for an appointment or class at that same day & time.
  • Fixed the issue where when sending a billing email from a student's profile, a staff member would be asked to reselect the bills.
  • Fixed the issue where when recording a skill result as a number with a decimal between the whole number and the half, the decimal mark would appear in the incorrect place. 
  • Fixed the issue where when the receipt number and confirmation code tags were added to a Bills (show Payments) email template, they would generate as blank when sending the email.
  • Fixed the issue where a membership with a discount code that is set to autorenew into a different membership type would carry over and apply the original discount code to the new memberhship, even if the autorenewed membership was not eligible for that original discount. 
  • Fixed the issue where a skill name in premium workout tracking included sets/reps/weight
  • Fixed the issue where students with blocking alerts were allowed to reserve appointments
  • Fixed the issue where setting a payrate end date removes all staff members from that payrate
  • Fixed the issue where a scheduled workout showed on two days
  • Fixed the issue where $0 event pricing did not show up on member connect
  • Fixed the issue where a workout scheduled on Saturday did not show up on member connect
  • Fixed the issue where deleting a staff member's roles deletes closed payrate information
  • Fixed the issue where primary account information did not appear as the default payment method in the retail store
  • Fixed the issue where Membership & Payment Terms do not display on the phone when purchasing a membership
  • Fixed the issue where a custom iFrame code for WOT was not generating properly


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