Signing Up for a Membership, Event or Drop-In Class as a Current Member

How to Sign Up for a Membership, Event or Drop-In as a Current Member

Your current customers can use the kiosk iPad app to sign up for additional services, like a new membership, event or drop-in class. 

From the home screen, the member will search for their name and choose themselves


They will then use the icons at the top of the check-in screen to select what type of service they want to purchase


Once they choose a service, they will be asked to fill out any applicable fields you have chosen as well as sign any related documents. 

If the student has an account on file, they will be able to use this account to pay for the new service by entering their password.

They will also be able to swipe a new card (if integrated) or manually enter in their credit card information after authenticating the transaction with their email address.



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