Zen Planner Introduces Kiosk iPad App For Fitness Business Management

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DENVER, CO August 19, 2015 – Zen Planner, an all-in-one software solution for fitness business owners, introduced today a self-service Kiosk iPad application for gym, school and studio management. The new App provides fitness business owners with a seamless interface for clients and streamlines typical administrative processes such as having existing members check-in, letting new customers sign up and enabling self-service retail.

“The App is designed with both the fitness business owner and member in mind,” said Jeff Gardner, chief executive officer of Zen Planner. “We built the Kiosk iPad App for core front office processes. The App provides the ability to register for a membership and check-in to a class through a simple user interface. When signing up, new members can take their photo and digitally sign waivers and contracts and even pay for their membership in just a few steps – it’s super simple. With the Kiosk iPad App, business owners are free to focus on building relationships and engaging with their members and students, rather than managing an inefficient paper process.”

The Kiosk iPad App provides members with a better experience since they can self check-in to classes. Zen Planner’s software also includes in-app alerts for unsigned documents and unpaid bills, making sure both the owner and his or her member has everything he or she needs prior starting class.

“It is clear that Zen Planner deeply understands the needs of studio owners with the launch of their Kiosk iPad App. With very little effort, students can sign up for a drop in class, purchase a membership and sign any waivers – all within the App. The other piece we are excited to use is the self-service retail, which lets our yoga students easily buy a bottle of water or other items from our retail shop. The app has helped us to keep our instructors interacting with students and to stay mindful about their class, instead of getting behind the desk to process a sale,” says Steve Lachs, Co-Owner of Windsoul Yoga.

The app handles credit card payments for single sessions and drop-in fees. Members can also self-serve on retail purchases such as bottled water or protein powder, helping business owners get rid of the hassle of managing and processing the traditional “honor board” often used in gyms for retail items. The App is fully integrated with Zen Planner’s inventory management software.

Chris Tamer of CrossFit Brighton noted, “Zen Planner has developed a Kiosk App that enables our members to sign in and purchase membership or retail items.  The App helps streamline the daily operation of our gym so we can spend more time training. The best part of Zen Planner’s App is that it was developed by experts with input from current customers.”

The App is fully integrated with Zen Planner’s fitness business software, providing flexible features to help business owners grow their business and save time on administrative tasks. For more information about the new Kiosk iPad App, please contact Zen Planner or visit

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