Using the "Review Request - Yelp & Google" Document Template

Before sending out the "Review Request - Yelp & Google" document template, there are a few steps to take in order to personalize the template

  • Click Setup
  • Click Document Templates
  • Click into the "Review Request - Yelp & Google" document template
  • Go to your business's Google review page and copy the link
  • Highlight the Google icon in the template and click on the link icon in the tool bar


  • Paste your Google link into the pop up.  Please ensure you have removed the prefix from the actual link and used the drop down to choose the correct prefix. Click Insert.


  • Click Apply and then click Ok



  • Repeat the steps above with your Yelp page
  • If you would like to remove one of the icons, simply highlight the icon and press delete!
  • Click Save Changes on the template
  • You are now ready to send out your Review Request!



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