Release Announcement - August 28, 2015

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We released a few fantastic new features and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.


New Features


Email "From:" Field Language in Zen Planner Updated to Work with Emerging Industry-Wide Email Provider Policies   

We have just rolled out an update to the way Zen Planner populates the From: field in emails sent from your database.  This improvement will give you greater flexibility in choosing which email provider you can use as a business email address in your studio database.   Yahoo! and AOL have begun to impose strict rules about allowing 3rd party systems (like Zen Planner and other CRM software) to show email addresses from their domains as the From: address when the emails being sent are not actually originating from their own servers.  We anticipate that other email providers (like Gmail) will soon impose these same restrictions.  To ensure that you won't see any sudden, future disruptions caused by these types of policies, we proactively rolled out this feature.  The From: field for your emails will now look like this:  sent by


Signature Line Added to the Receipt Printer Template

We revamped the receipt printer template to now include a standard signature line to capture signatures for credit card purchases.  If you are currently using a receipt printer at your point of sale, you do not need to take any action to begin using this new feature.



Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where when setting up memberships using the add-on trigger, the system would only allow one level of triggers.  You can now set up a membership to trigger an add-on, and that add-on can trigger another add-on, etc, etc.
  • Fixed the issue where when viewing hourly time entries for a staff member, the saved Start and End Times would appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where when creating and programming a custom skill using sets/reps/amount, the sets/reps/amount data would show in the skill name in the workout display and on member connect.
  • Fixed the issue where when typing in a name in the "Referred By:" field on a member's profile, the text could be overwritten with unwanted autocomplete text.
  • Fixed the issue where a student with a belt rank without an award date would be unable to view a limited access custom page on member connect.


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