Using Templates in Advanced Workout Tracking

Zen Planner's Advanced Workout Tracking gives you the ability to store commonly used workouts as a Template. You can then use that workout at any point!


Click on Workouts

Click on +Create New Workout

Build the workout you'd like to save as a template (Please note - you will actually have to assign the workout to a particular day in order for it to be a template).

Once you have built your workout and are ready to activate, check the Save as Template box on the bottom right and then click Activate.



When you'd like to use this workout again, click on Workouts and then click on Templates.  Here you can see all of the templates you have previously saved. Click on the Preview button on the right to see the workout in the template.

Select the template you'd like to use by clicking Use Template on the right.

The workout will populate with today's date and time, along with all the Program & Member Connect settings from the template.

The workout name will include "- copy" at the end. You can either leave this name, or change it however you'd like.


From here, you can either Active the workout or make any changes you'd like to before Activation!




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