WOT Changes Overview

We've made some changes to our workout builder to make building workouts faster and easier!  Here is a quick reference to what's changed.

What's New?

  • Prescribe Multiple Sets & Reps - Tired of typing "1 x 5 @ 70%" in a text box? We've got you covered! You will now be able to prescribe multiple sets for weighted skills.
  • Weighlifting % Calculator for Faceboard - One-click access to a percentage table for max lifts and the ability to calculate percentages off of any weight on the fly!

What's changed?

  • Enhanced Auto-Save - Say goodbye to the little geen checkbox!  We'll automatically save each item you create without slowing you down.
  • Auto-Populate Workout Names - Don't waste time naming each and every workout, we'll do it for you! 
  • New Layout & Appearance - Easier viewing in a single column display and more efficient buttons and controls.
  • Search-to-add Skills - We've replaced the "choose category" and "choose skill" drop-downs with a new search bar for quick access to add any Skill.
  • Drag & Drop Editing - Drag Skills between Sections, and drag entire Sections into a different order!
  • Save & Re-use Section Names - Skip typing in Section Names by saving your favorites.


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