Setting Up Your Infusionsoft Connection

Setting Up Your Connection with Zen Planner and Infusionsoft

Please be aware that in regards to this integration, Zen Planner is the source of record.  If you have a contact in both Zen Planner & Infusionsoft, the information in your Zen Planner database will override the information in your Infusionsoft account.  For example, if John Doe has an address in Infusionsoft but not in Zen Planner, the record in Infusionsoft will no longer contain an address after the systems are synced.

Zen Planner has partnered with Infusionsoft to provide our customers with a greater range of prospect and customer nurture capabilities. Zen Planner’s integration with Infusionsoft provides customers with the tools to seamlessly manage their customers across both systems and to ensure they receive the right communication at the right time.

This help topic shows you how to set up the connection between Zen Planner and Infusionsoft. Once connected, people in your Zen Planner database should be added to your Infusionsoft account in a few minutes. If a person unsubscribes from your Infusionsoft campaign they will still remain on the Zen Planner mailing lists for notifications as they act independently of each other.


1. Log in to your Infusionsoft account and hover over the Infusionsoft logo to get the drop-down menu. Next, you will select “Settings” under “Admin”.



2. Click on “Application” under the Applications Settings section.




3. Enter an API passphrase (which can be anything you like) and save your changes. This will generate an “Encrypted Key” you can copy. Hold onto this key since you will be entering it in Zen Planner shortly.



4. Take note of your account name, which can be found in the web address when you are logged into Infusionsoft. It will come before the "" part of the address. See below for an example, where the account name is “xx999”. The account name will be entered into Zen Planner along with your Encrypted Key.



Log into your Zen Planner account and click on the Setup icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Scroll down the setup menu and select “Infusionsoft” from the “External Services” section. There are three fields that need to be filled out on this page:

  • Enter the email here for the person who will be notified if any part of the integration fails to sync with Infusionsoft.
  • The second field – Account Name – is the same one referenced above that can be found in the Infusionsoft web address for your account.
  • The third field – API Key – is the Encrypted Key that you copied from Infusionsoft. Paste it here and save your changes.

The integration is now active! Your system will start syncing automatically and you will notice Infusionsoft records being updated within a few minutes. Click “Test Credentials” if you’d like to verify that your information was entered correctly.

You can also press “Sync Now” to initiate an update that will check all records in InfusionSoft for missing Zen Planner information. This is very useful if you accidentally deleted something in Infusionsoft since the integration normally will only sync if a change is made to a record in Zen Planner.



The information in Zen Planner is then sent to Infusionsoft by web hooks. Information from the student’s profile along with any changes or updates made will be sent almost instantly. Web hook broadcasts take place when a change is made in Zen Planner, so you don’t need to perform a full sync to keep records up to date after the initial setup.

Using the integration to link multiple Zen Planner accounts to one Infusionsoft account is not recommended. The tag syncing behavior and customer profile management is ideal for one database at a time.


Zen Planner Custom Fields:

Default fields already exist in Infusionsoft and have been mapped to their Zen Planner counterparts. No additional setup is necessary to facilitate the synching of the information below:

  1. Default Fields Synched
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Mobile Phone
    4. Address
    5. Birth Date

Custom fields can only be synced once the Zen Planner tab has been created in Infusionsoft. The API that Infusionsoft provides does not allow us to create these fields.

  1. Custom Fields Synched:
      1. Zen Planner Prospect Source
      2. Zen Planner Person ID
      3. Zen Planner Signup Date

To create these fields you will go to go back to the Infusionsoft logo to get the drop-down menu. Next, you will select “settings” under “Admin”. From here the screen should default on "General".  Under Custom Fields select "Contact" and then hit "Go". 






2. Create a tab by selecting "Tab" in the drop-down menu and then "Add". The tab should be named "Zen Planner".  






3. Next, create a header by selecting "Header" in the drop-down menu. The header should be named "Zen Planner Info". Add the tab you previously created to this header and save changes. The names for both the Tab and the Header should match exactly what is listed below. 




4. When you are done, it should look like the image below:




5. After the first sync is performed, the custom fields for Zen Planner data will be created and the information for those fields can be synced. It will then look like the configuration below:




If you have any trouble with getting your Infusionsoft account connected with Zen Planner, you can contact Zen Planner support at 866-541-3570 or by shooting us an email at If you have specific questions about your Infusionsoft campaigns or configuration you can contact Infusionsoft support over Chat or Phone at Infusionsoft Support. Infusionsoft also offers onboarding services as part of your account activation, so if you are looking for help getting started then make sure to touch base with your Infusionsoft onboarding specialist.



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