Explaining The Zen Planner to Infusionsoft Connection

Explaining the Zen Planner to Infusionsoft Connection:

Please be aware that in regards to this integration, Zen Planner is the source of record.  If you have a contact in both Zen Planner & Infusionsoft, the information in your Zen Planner database will override the information in your Infusionsoft account.  For example, if John Doe has an address in Infusionsoft but not in Zen Planner, the record in Infusionsoft will no longer contain an address after the systems are synced.

Infusionsoft is great at automating much of the work associated with customer communication. By building marketing campaigns that react and adjust to customer actions, users can save a ton a time that would normally be required to send personalized communication.

 Zen Planner will reference Infusionsoft using the first and last name and email address of the customer to see if an Infusionsoft profile already exists. If a matching profile is successfully identified, Zen Planner will append any information it has onto that profile in Infusionsoft. If no matching profile is identified, Zen Planner will create a new person and synch information. We strongly encourage that you to collect both first and last name on any web forms that you use to ensure effective profile matching and prevent duplicates.

The information that is synced from Zen Planner to Infusionsoft includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile phone
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Signup date
  • Prospect source
  • Person Status
  • Program Status
  • Zen Planner ID


For more details on managing these tags visit our help document - Managing Zen Planner and Infusionsoft Tags

Syncing Frequency

Zen Planner uses web hooks to broadcast changes to a profile, so the updates are sent to Infusionsoft almost instantly. Web hook broadcasts take place when a change is made in Zen Planner, so you don’t need to perform a full sync to keep records up to date. Updating a profile in Zen Planner – through a purchase or editing fields – will almost immediately update the necessary information in Infusionsoft. Changing program names in Zen Planner will update the corresponding tags in Infusionsoft 

Tag application/removal logic

Zen Planner acts as the source of record for any synched fields. This means that it will overwrite information present in Infusionsoft if any updates or changes are made in Zen Planner. Changes to statuses will result in the old tags being removed and the new tags being applied. This means that campaigns using any kind of status tag from Zen Planner will be automatically ended or begun when a status change takes place. Creating or editing profiles in Infusionsoft will not affect Zen Planner. Only changes in Zen Planner will be updated in Infusionsoft.

We recommend that users include Zen Planner “buying links” any time a purchase is advertised. Purchasing through Zen Planner will create a profile that can be matched to its Infusionsoft counterpart and updated with any additional info.

Zen Planner is still ideal for notification based messaging including attendance notifications, billing notification, payment messaging and membership or hold notifications. 

Deleting a program from Zen Planner will automatically remove any tags associated with that program from Infusionsoft profiles. Since the API does not allow for tags to be deleted by external programs, each tag associated with a deleted program will have “zp_deleted_” added to the beginning of the tag name.







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