Managing Zen Planner & Infusionsoft Tags

What Are Tags?

Please be aware that in regards to this integration, Zen Planner is the source of record.  If you have a contact in both Zen Planner & Infusionsoft, the information in your Zen Planner database will override the information in your Infusionsoft account.  For example, if John Doe has an address in Infusionsoft but not in Zen Planner, the record in Infusionsoft will no longer contain an address after the systems are synced.


Infusionsoft tracks user actions, behavior, and characteristics relative to the marketing content you’ve configured. By tracking this information, Infusionsoft is able to route each individual customer down a path of meaningful and targeted communication. This will ensure that they receive relevant and helpful messaging as they progress through the buying journey.

Zen Planner will sync customer information for each profile. This includes name, email, mobile phone, birthday, address, signup date, and prospect source. In addition to this data, the integration will also create and apply “tags” for each person based on their status information in Zen Planner. These tags are created automatically when the integration is enabled. 

 Tags refer to the labels or identifying factors attached to your clients to move them to appropriate mailing lists. Tags help you split up your clients into specific lists for campaigns so that you can send them pertinent e-mails based on their interest and history with your business.


Person Status Tags:

  1. The first status tag applied to the client is their current “Person Status”, which tells you whether they are a prospect, student, or alumni. Zen Planner classifies each person in the database as a Prospect, Student, or Alumni.


  1. Prospects: have submitted their info via an info request form, signed up for a free trial class, or purchased a drop-in (class or appointment) with one or more programs.
  2. Students: have a currently active membership applied to their profile that grants access to at least one of the programs offered by your business.
  3. Alumni: are previous Students that no longer have an active membership applied to their profile.

 As a profile is updated in Zen Planner, the tag that represents their current Person Status will be attached to that person in Infusionsoft, and will remove any other Person Status tags currently applied.


Program Status Tags:

The second piece of status information is their “Program Status”, which tells you whether they are a prospect, student, or alumni for each program associated with their profile. Each program will automatically generate tags in your Infusionsoft account for the different classifications. Zen Planner customer profiles can have a different Program Status for each program that your business offers. An example – a customer may be a Student for the Bootcamp program based on their current membership, but a Prospect for Personal training based on an initial consultation appointment they went through.

Just as the as the person status updates so does the program status. As a customer profile is updated in Zen Planner, the tag that represents their current Program Status will be attached to that person in Infusionsoft for each program, and will remove any other Program Status tags currently applied in the same program. For example – becoming a Student for a program would automatically remove either a Prospect or Alumni tag for that same program if one was attached to the customer. 


Managing Tags:

The unique tag IDs allow the integration to change tag names to match changes in Zen Planner. Changes to statuses will result in the old tags being removed and the new tags being applied. This means that campaigns using any kind of status tag from Zen Planner will be automatically ended or begun when a status change takes place.

To manually adjust the person status tag in Zen Planner to reflect prospect you will go to the student’s profile page and select profile details. From here you can select “prospect” and then select the program(s) the client in interested in.  In this screen you can also update the prospect source by selecting one from the drop down menu next to source. 


If the client were to request information, attend a free trial or a drop-in a class the system will automatically flag them as a prospect. If the client purchases a membership they will be automatically upgraded to student within the system.

If you needed to update the programs associated with the membership you can do so by going to the student's profile page> memberships> click # programs and check off or uncheck programs for the membership. 


Once their membership is no longer active they will automatically be flagged as an alumni. To view the program status of a client you can go to the student’s profile page> programs. 



How managing ZP’s tags manually will affect syncing

Removing a Zen Planner tag in Infusionsoft is not recommended. Since tags are applied/removed automatically when a change is made in Zen Planner, manually removed tags from Infusionsoft will not be replaced by the integration.

Adding Zen Planner tags in Infusionsoft is also not recommended. These tags apply to status information in Zen Planner, and adding them before the integration does will most likely place a customer in a marketing campaign that does not apply to them.

For questions on setting up your campaigns standard support is included with every Infusionsoft account. Infusionsoft also offers onboarding services as part of your account activation, so if you are looking for help getting started then make sure to touch base with your Infusionsoft onboarding specialist. You can get in touch with them directly via chat or phone by clicking on the following link: Infusionsoft Support


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