Infusionsoft Trouble Shooting; Who do I Contact?

If you are having trouble syncing Zen Planner with Infusionsoft, check out our help document - How to Setup the Zen Planner Infusionsoft Connection - on setting up your connection.

If you are having trouble with the integration of your Zen Planner account with your Infusionsoft account Zen Planner Customer Advocates can be reached at 866-541-3570 or at 

Zen Planner advocates are not trained to handle Infusionsoft outside of the initial setup. Standard support is included with every Infusionsoft account. Infusionsoft also offers onboarding services as part of your account activation, so if you are looking for help getting started then make sure to touch base with your Infusionsoft onboarding specialist. You can get in touch with them directly via chat or phone by following the instructions found here on their support page - Infusionsoft Support .

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