Configuring Zen Planner For Your Member App

Before your members download the Member App, there are a few configuration settings you will need to setup in your Zen Planner database to ensure your students have the best possible experience!

Staff Bio

You will have the option to show a staff picture and bio in the new Member App. Follow the steps below to create your staff bios.

  • Click Setup
  • Click Staff Members.  In this section, you will now see a "Profile Display Name" in addition to Staff name & email


  • Click on a Staff Member's name
  • Click on the Photo and Bio tab

  • Here you will be able to fill in Staff Title, Profile Display Name, Staff Biography & upload a Staff Photo
  • Click Save Staff Member when complete


Who's Coming?

In the Member App, you will have the option to display a roster of who is reserved for a particular class. This includes the student's name and photo.  You will be able to enable this for each class you offer.

  • Click on Setup
  • Click on Classes
  • Click into one of your classes
  • Click into the Online tab

  • If the class is not Public, you will first need to check off the "Show On Website?" checkbox
  • You will now see a "Make Participants Public?" checkbox
  • Check the box and Save Changes to enable this option!

Please Note: By enabling this option, your students will be opted-in by default. They will be able to opt-out on their Member Connect profile.


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