Asking Your Members to Update Their Own Payment Account Info

So, you’re getting ready to have your members update their own payment account information through your Zen Planner member connect website. What’s next? 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you probably should have booked an Onboarding session by now. If you haven’t reach out to


Also, keep in mind that before you can move ahead with having your members add their own payment account info, you will need to have all of your current members & their memberships entered into Zen Planner - either manually or by importing.

Questions on manually entering or importing this information, contact

Once you have everyone imported, continue with the steps listed below:

First off you will most likely want to give your members a heads up that you’re switching member management systems. There is a pre-made document template that we have created for you in your database that will allow you to send an email to all current members to give them that advanced notice. 

If you go to Setup>Communication>Document Templates> Onboarding Resources you can select the “Action Required: Credit Card Update Request” Document Template.




Like all Document Templates in Zen Planner you can edit this as much as you’d like. This email will request your members to update their payment information without making a payment. Make sure that once you’re done making any edits to the document that you click “Save Changes” at the bottom left.

Once you’re ready to send the email, go to the Memberships Missing AutoPay Information report either by clicking the link below or you can find it by navigating to Dashboard>Saved Reports>Onboarding Resources.


Memberships Missing AutoPay Information

You may see some duplicate memberships in the report with different statuses; Current, Not Started or Hold. Don’t worry, the system will automatically remove any duplicate records; this means the email will only get sent once per member.

Click the “+” select all icon then click on Choose Template -  “Send “Action Required: Credit Card Update Request”” to select all your members and to queue up the email.


The page you end up on is supposed to be a final review page. When you’re ready to officially send the emails, click on the grey button towards the top right labeled “Send XXX Email Now”.

GREAT START! Now that your members are aware of the transition and what they need to do to update their payment account information, the last piece is for you to turn on passwords so they can follow through.

Here’s a quick checklist for getting passwords turned on:

  1. Confirm that your member connect URL has been updated with your business name (Setup>Member Connect>Appearance>Website Behavior>Location). If it still says “trial” reach out to a customer advocate to get it updated.
  2. Confirm that your member privileges include the ability for members to View Bills & Pay Bills (Setup>Member Connect>Member Privileges>Financial). Without these checked your members will not be able to add payment account info.
  3. Turn on Passwords! Check the box next to “Create Passwords” to have Zen Planner begin sending out passwords to your members (Setup>Member Connect>Member Privileges>Automatic Access).


Let’s face it, this may not be enough to give you the peace of mind that you’ll have everyone’s payment info entered in time to process bills next month.

We have you covered!

Go to your Dashboard and navigate to Saved Reports> Onboarding Resources and select the “Memberships Missing AutoPay Information” report. This report will show you all members who have missing AutoPay Information and will allow you to email them directly about updating their payment account info.

  1. Click the “+” select all icon
  2. Click on “Choose Template” in the dialogue box
  3. Select the “Please update your credit card info!” document template
  4. Finally, click on the button “Send Emails”

If you want to edit the template before sending it out, you can find it in Setup>Communications> Document Templates under the “Onboarding Resources” section.

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