How To Merge Skills

This article will walk you through how to merge Skills in Advanced Workout Tracking

Please note: Merging skills is a permanent change to the records and can not be undone!

In the event you have two skills that were created accidentally that are the same (for example, Back squat & back squat), you can merge them!

  • Click on the Workouts icon
  • Click on Skills

We're going to look at Back Squat 1 & Back Squat 2


Here's an example of how results might look on a student's profile if both skills were used:


From your list of skills, look for the skill that you want to merge INTO the skill name you want to be remain after the merge. Click the Merge button to the right.

Here, we'll click Merge to the right of Back Squat 2.

Then, you'll choose the skill you would like to merge Back Squat 2 into. For this example, we'll choose Back Squat 1.

Please note: You will only be able to merge two skills if they have the same measurement type. For example, you would not be able to merge a skill measured in time into a skill measured by weight.


You will receive the following confirmation. After reviewing the information, type "merge" into the blank space and click MERGE.


After merging these two skills, here is our student's profile now: 


In the event you are merging two skills that are the same skill with different sets & reps (Back Squat 1 Rep Max and/or Back Squat 3 Rep Max into Back Squat), please keep the following in mind:

Before merging these skills, you will need to make sure each skill result previously entered has a SET & REP associated with it. 

Here is an example of what this may look like. Below you will see that Sir Dude has a weight logged on the skill "Back Squat 1 Rep Max," but no associated Sets & Reps.


In this case, you would type in 1 x 1 in the Sets x Reps fields and Save Changes.


In the Back Squat 3 Rep Max example, you would type 1 x 3 in the Sets & Reps fields and Save Changes.


Here's how to see which results need to be updated:

  • Click the Workouts icon
  • Click All Results

Use the criteria to select which skill you want to look at:

Look for the SETSXREPS column. Any results that do not have an entry here will need to be updated before you merge.

In the example below, Johnetta's result will need to be updated while Sir Dude & Cole's do not:


Happy merging!

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