Dropping vs Deleting A Membership

Prefer a video? This video walks you through dropping vs deleting a membership. Click here for the video!

Dropping a membership is the method you'll want to use for existing members when they leave, or potentially if they decide to change into another membership type. If they're remaining with you, but they decide to change their membership type, you can also use a Membership Upgrade, described in more detail HERE.

Dropping a membership is done via someone's Membership page, by selecting Drop from the Membership Status box, shown here: 


Once selected via the drop-down menu, you'll need to complete the details of the Drop, including the Drop Reason, the Drop Date, and carefully select the correct membership to drop, especially when the person has more than one membership:


On the Drop Membership box, you can also choose to add a cancellation fee as a one-time bill to the profile, and even delete the person's stored payment account. Make sure to only delete the payment account if you intend to no longer charge that member for anything. Once you have all the right Drop Reason, Effective Date, and Membership selected to Drop, click Save Changes to complete the drop! This will Drop the selected Membership as well as the connected renewals, ensuring that future bills in that series are deleted, as well.


Deleting a membership is reserved for specific cases, where the wrong membership has been added to a profile, and no renewals have been generated yet. Make sure never to Delete a membership that should be Dropped instead. In particular, if a membership has future renewals, you need to Drop the membership to prevent future renewals from starting up on their Start Dates. To delete a membership, you can navigate into someone's Membership page, click on the Membership Status button, and select Delete:


Remember that deleting a membership only deletes that specific membership, and doesn't affect future renewals of that membership which may already exist in the system. To double check, you can always click into View Membership History on the top right of someone's Membership page!


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