Introducing Zen Planner's Member App To Your Members

We've created a document template to help you introduce Zen Planner's new member app to your members!  Here's how to send it out:

1. Review the template & make any necessary edits

  • Click on Setup
  • Click on Document Templates
  • Look for & click into the template named "Manage your Profile from your Phone" (this will be under the Member category) (If you do not see this template in your database, please reach out to our support team).  
  • Here you can edit what will be sent to your members. 
  • Once editing is complete, click "Save Changes" at the bottom

2. Send the email!

  • Click into the edited document template
  • Click on Send Email in the top left hand corner of the template
  • Use the criteria to select WHO you want to send the email to (probably just your active customers)

  • Click the Refresh button 
  • Once you have your list of contacts to send to, click on Show All on the right and then the + to select everyone in your list
  • Click on the Send "Introduce The Member App To Your Members button

  • Click the "Send X Emails Now" button
  • You're done!
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