How to Add an Appointment to your Studio Calendar

This article will walk you through how to add a single, or recurring, appointment to your studio calendar.


Once you add an appointment to the calendar, you can view or make changes by navigating to it in the studio calendar and clicking on it.


Click on the Calendar icon in the lefthand sidebar to get to your Studio calendar.  

Click on an open/empty spot on the calendar and the 'Add an Appointment' popup menu will appear. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you go through all the steps of setting up your appointment before you click the Save Changes button.  Once an appointment has been saved, some options will become unavailable to change.


Appointment Tab

On the 'Appointment' tab customize the Type and Date & Time fields to match the appointment that needs to be scheduled.  The system will update the Duration field to match the pre-set duration.

Double check that the Location, Staff and Assistant Staff fields are correct, adjust if necessary.


Person Tab

Click on the Person field and either begin to type to search for a client, or use the drop down menu to scroll and find a client.

Once a client is selected you will see a Drop-In and Free Trial field followed by any current memberships for the client.  Use the radio buttons to select the method that will be used to reserve & pay for the appointment. 

For important directions on creating recurring appointments and how to select a membership to pay for them, see the Create Multiple section below.



This tab contains a 1000 character length field that can be used to create a private note between staff members about the appointment.  This is not public or student facing.


Create Multiple

This tab is used exclusively for creating recurring appointments for a single client.  

Recurring appointments for groups (2:1's, Semi-Privates, etc) are not currently supported.

Click into the Type field and select a cycle for the recurrence (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, etc).

Other options may be presented depending on what was selected in the Type field.

After you set any additional options, you will need to decide whether to end the recurrence on a specific date or to end after a set number of appointments.  Click the radio button next to your choice and update the field to the right.

If you are setting up a recurring appointment, the membership that you select on the Person tab will be used for all of the appointments that will be generated, even if that would place the current membership into arrears (reservations/attendances in excess of the attendance limits).  

Because of this issue, we recommend that you make note of the attendance limits of the current membership that will be used and only recur appointments out as far as the attendance limits allow.  

For example, only create 20 recurring reservations for a 20 pack of appointments membership option. 

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