Workout Tracking in the Member App

Zen Planner's Member App now gives you the ability to:

  • View published workouts
  • Log results for prescribed workouts
  • See leaderboards for results logged each day

Let's take a look at each of these workflows!

View Published Workouts

To view today's workout:

  • Click on the Z in the top left corner
  • Click Workouts

This will bring you to today's workout. You can then check out workouts from prior or future days by using the red navigation arrows to the right and left of the date.  

Here are two examples of what the workout may look like:



Log Results for Prescribed Workouts

To log your results:

  • Navigate to Today's Workout
  • Click on + Log Results

If your workout is measured by time, you'll see the following input screen:


Just enter in your time, choose if you Rx'd the workout, if you'd like the results to be public and hit Save! 

If your workout consisted of sets & reps, you'll see the following input screen:


We've included what was prescribed in the right hand column as a reminder. Simply click into each box on the right, enter in the appropriate weight and click Save!


 See Leaderboard for Results Logged Each Day

In order to view the leaderboard for each workout:

  • Navigate to Today's Workout
  • Click Leaderboard 

You'll be taken to the Overall leaderboard and can choose to look at Male or Female.  Your personal result will be highlighted in red!




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