Overview: Session Based Classes

In this series of articles we will focus on setting up & maintaining a session based class schedule.



Managing session, or seasonally, based classes in Zen Planner can be challenging.  This series of articles will walk you through, step by step, the best practices for structuring these types of classes and memberships to create a low maintenance and easily managed system.

First, here are a few common examples of what we mean by session based and seasonal classes:

  • Boot camps: The class schedule has a set beginning & end date and multiple sessions are offered throughout the year. For example, your boot camps are 8 weeks long and people have to sign up for each 8 week session they want to attend with no ongoing membership roll-over. Each boot camp session is stand alone.
  • CrossFit foundations or on ramp courses: You may run a set of classes that new students must attend, in the order they are presented on the calendar, before graduating to attending regular classes.  A common schedule is six classes offered every two weeks or the first 2 weeks of every month.
  • Sports leagues: League play is for a set period of time and people have to register for each league they want to participate in.
  • Camps: Usually kids summer or sports camps.  Sessions have defined beginning & end dates and parents must register their kids for each individual session.

It is also very common in all three of these examples to run pre-sales for the next upcoming session while the current session is still active; for example halfway through the current boot camp, you may begin pre-sales for the next upcoming boot camp session.

The method for setting this up requires four components:

  1. Initial set up of the session based class schedule.
  2. Initial set up of membership option(s) to manage current class registrations.
  3. Ongoing maintenance of the membership option(s).
  4. Ongoing maintenance of the session based class calendar.

You will learn how to build out your classes & membership options in such a way that you can re-use them and prevent over building your system which creates bloat and slowdowns.  We will also cover the use of some pre-made reports on your Zen Planner Dashboard that will assist you in doing routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

We are going to cover all the common scenarios for setting up session based classes in this article, but your particular situation may not be covered.  If it isn't, please reach out to a customer success agent for specific help with your setup:

Phone:  866-541-3570, Mon-Fri (9a-9p US eastern time)

First things first, click here to learn how to set up your session based classes.  

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