How to Add an Expense

Below is a basic guide for how to add an expense for your expense tracking.

*The purpose of adding expenses to your system is for your reference and tracking purposes only. These expenses are not attached directly to any bank account. 

Begin by clicking in the power search bar (magnifying glass icon) in the upper left-hand corner. You will then scroll down in the menu bar and under Finances, click on Add an Expense.


On the Add an Expense screen > fill out the fields including information like expense paid date, amount, paid to, expense category, and account > then click on Save Changes to finish adding the expense.


After you save the expense entry, the system will then direct you to an expense report for the current month in the current year.


If you are not adding an expense but need to access an expense report at any time for reference, access Dashboard > New Report > Expenses.

Finally, you can edit your Expense Categories at any time by accessing Setup > Lookup Codes on the left > Expense Category. Please be aware that if you have a category already in use, you will not be able to delete that category until all expenses have been transferred to a new category.


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