Common Payment Errors and How to Resolve

What Do The Different Payment Error Codes Mean and How Do I Resolve Them? 

If you click Dashboard Failed Payments (last 30 days) or Failed Payments (Month to Date) under the Financial section, you can view failed transactions for the specified time period. You can click on each line item to see more details on why this payment did not process.

You can also view this particular information for a specific student if you access their profile > click Financial on the left > View Payments > click into a specific payment line item that has an error/declined status > there will be a red Payment Error box and an error code with description. Below we have included the most frequent error or decline messages that you may see.


Do Not Honor : This error code shows when a credit card/financial institution blocks the customer deduction from taking place. You can have the member reach out to their credit card/financial institution and ask to allow these transactions to be accepted for your business.

Invalid card number : This error code will trigger when something has been input incorrectly for the member’s financial information. If you click into their profile > click Financial on the left > click on the Account > you can reenter the customer’s card number > save changes.

Insufficient funds : This error code will trigger when a member’s account is short on funds. You can reach out to the member to see if they have another card they would like to place on file or you can see if there is a better date to charge their card when funds will be available.



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