Zen Planner's New Welcome Desk

UPDATE 5/3/16: We've added some features based on your feedback! Check them out here!

We’re excited to announce the Beta version of the completely redesigned “Welcome Desk” page in Zen Planner is now available. The Welcome Desk will soon replace the existing “Calendar” page and we want you to be prepared!

We’ve made the process of checking people in to class through the Studio application faster and easier than ever before. This is just the first step – we’ll continue to build tools into this page to make all “front desk tasks” simple and quick.

Please click here for a video that walk you through the new functionality!

What's New?

  • Search Bar – We’ve added a Search Bar to the top of the page that can be used to quickly check people in, make reservations and add inidividuals to the waitlist.
  • At-a-Glance Roster Information – Based on your feedback, we’ve brought the most important information about your members to the surface for easy viewing by staff during check-in.
  • Belt/Rank Tracking – If you use Belt and Rank Tracking, you’ll now have important rank information at your fingertips when you need it. See which students in class are eligible to test for for their next rank, or what they need in order to become eligible.
  • Retention Information – See which members have memberships that will expire soon, and how many days since each member has attended class. This will help you engage with members that need to renew or are in danger of leaving.
  • Month-View Date Selector – Now you can quickly navigate to any date with a month-view calendar.
  • Improved Layout and Usability – We’ve hidden things like Workout information and Class Settings that are less frequently used. Don’t worry – they’re still just one click away when you need them.


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