UPDATE: New Welcome Desk Features

Click here for a full overview of the Welcome Desk!

Added features to the new Welcome Desk:

  • Eligible List is back!  Click on the Expand option on the right to see everyone who is eligible for that class.

Once you click on the expand button, your eligible list will now showcase like this:



  • The instructor, location and notes (IF you have notes saved for that class) will all showcase in the upper left corner of that class.


If you have notes for that class, then it will showcase like this:



  • You will now be able to click on the Alert icon to see all blocking alerts associated with that person, and will also be able to click on the link of the alert if you need extra information or want to take action.



  • For any student that needs to pay for a drop in or membership option, you can now select their account on file OR add a new account.

*Note: you will be taken off the Welcome Desk screen and taken to the student's profile to make a payment



  • Student's last attendance date will be showcased in the students card view:



  • When checking someone in for an appointment, you will be able to check them in using their current eligible membership.



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