Release Announcement - April 22, 2016

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We added an awesome new feature & squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students. 


New Features

  • Added the ability to control which retail items appear on the iPad Kiosk App.
  • Added the ability to allow people with an existing profile in your system to verify their identity with only their email address. Now, when a person already exists in the system and wants to sign-up for a membership, event, free trial or drop-in, we won’t ask them for their username and password, we’ll only ask them to enter their email address. 

    • PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the security of member payment account data, we will still ask for a password in order to use a saved payment account to complete a purchase.
  • Added business location & currency support for Israel.


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where staff were unable to filter report results by using the criteria 'greater than' for a custom field that contained a numerical value.
  • Fixed the issue where members on a family profile were able to see the reservation stars for other family members when viewing the Member Connect calendar.
  • Fixed the issue where in advanced workout tracking you couldn't edit the Number of Sets/Reps within a workout and have them save when you navigated away from the workout. 
  • Fixed the issue where when merging duplicate profiles, information (including financial information and signed documents), was not being retained.
  • Fixed the issue where you could experience long load times when accessing a Class Sessions report with the addition of Attendance and RSVP columns.
  • Fixed the issue where when taking a photo of a student on a mobile device and uploading it directly to the student's profile, the image would appear rotated.


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