Workout Tracking for Personal Training

Here are the best practices for using Zen Planner's Advanced Workout Tracking to program for your personal training clients.


Build out your skills catalog: 

Having every measurement, exercise and skill you use built out ahead of time will make programming your client's workout quicker & easier for you.

Click here to learn more about setting up your skills catalog.


Once you have your skills catalog built out, you can choose from two methods to set up a workout for your client, and to log results.


Method #1 - Programming the Workout


  • See the entire workout on one screen when logging results
  • Create templates for training plans that you want to repeat


  • Can't update a workout on the fly. You have to login to studio and update that workout on the programming page before entering results.
  • Not good for distance training or other clients who can choose their own day to perform the workout.


Program the workout through the appointment on the studio calendar:

This makes it easier to track who you're building the workout for.

Once you have reserved the client for the appointment through the studio calendar, click into it.

Click the button 'Add workout to session' button in the upper right hand corner.

This will take you to a new workout programming page.

We recommend changing the name of the workout from the default (which is the just the date of the workout) to the workout date plus the client's name to make it easier to identify later. If this is a general workout plan you would use for multiple clients, give it a unique name so you can find it easily when it's time to re-use it for another client.

Build the rest of the workout as usual.

Click here to view a webinar on how to program a workout.


Entering programmed workout results

There are two ways to log results for a programmed workout attached to an appointment.

#1 - Staff members can click into the appointment on the studio calendar, then click on the 'Log Results' button in the upper right hand corner beneath the workout name. 

#2 - The client can log into member connect and enter their results through the workout page. They click on the date in the calendar that the workout was scheduled and they can click the 'Log' button. This can be done on desktop or on mobile.

#3 - The client can use the member app to access the workout attached to their reserved session and log results.



Method #2 - Written Copy of the Training Plan 


  • Flexibility to change up the training plan on the fly without extra work updating the programming in Zen Planner.
  • Good for distance training or clients that train on their own. Clients can choose when they work out and not be tied down to specific days.


  • It's a little more work entering results since you don't have the entire workout on one page. Individual skill results are entered one at a time by either a staff member or the client.
  • Clients can't enter their own results through the Member App, only through the Member Connect website.


In this method, you would provide your client with a written copy of their training plan. This can be something you printed out or a digital doc (like a Word or Google doc) that you send them or upload to the Communications section of their Zen Planner profile.


Entering individual skill results

There are two ways to log individual skill results for a programmed workout attached to an appointment.

#1 - Staff members can navigate to the client's profile page in studio, go to Progress & Results, and use the 'Add a Result' button in the upper right hand corner. The staff member will have to search for and add the results for each element of the workout, one at a time. 

#2 - The client can log into member connect and enter their results through the workout page. This can be done on desktop or on mobile by clicking on 'Workouts', then choosing the day they want to log results for, then click the '+Custom' button.






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